Income Protection Benefits

During these unprecedented times Income Replacement protection is more important than ever.

Life Insurance – What are my options?

Life Insurance – there is a lot to choose from.

Life Insurance comes in many forms and sizes. It’s important to work with someone who can help find you the one that best fits your needs.

Term Life and Employer Sponsored Life Insurance are good choices, but perhaps a Variable Annuity or a Whole Life policy might offer additional benefits that you need for not much more money? Understanding the differences and why one is better for you than another is what we do best. Allow us to show you the policies available and you can decide what your next step.

As an employer, your employees may get admitted to the hospital due to illness, physical injuries, and other unforeseen events. Expenses such as ambulance transportation, drugs and medications, and more will be covered when you enroll your employees in the right ancillary benefits plan.

Income Protection Comes In Many Shapes and Sizes

Disability Benefits, Critical Care, Accident, Hospital Indemnity

Disability Insurance is critical to one’s health portfolio now more than ever. These policies protect your income and take care of you when you can’t. Long-term and Short Term Disability provide the peace of mind that you need in uncertain economy.

Additionally, Critical Care, Accident, Hospital Indemnity are great options for someone on a fixed budget or who has active kids at home. They provide immediate relief for the unexpected and can really make a difference in the first few months.

Our Team helps you find the plans that best fit your needs and we integrate them into one easy to understand portfolio.

Life & Disability Carriers

Why Osprey Health?

At Osprey Health, we make it our priority to offer a personal, hands-on approach to meeting your insurance coverage needs. We take the time to understand your unique situation and deliver long term solutions and signature services that make sense.

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